Thursday, 27 October 2011

screenprinting further developments...

the draw of the empty notice board - i can't resist it 

Visit during Oct, I feel that I am begining to understand the process and method of working. It is a real pleasure working in the print studio, just a pity it is such a long journey and so much else to get to grips with! I am getting the hang of the buses, having the correct change to hand, walking dark streets in the rain, finding where to park and learning my way round the city by foot and by car.
I managed to print a series using peat, I find the colour and texture most beguiling. I am experimenting with using straightforward photocopies of the plants, drawings, flat colour, photographs... I need to refine it a bit now that I can see the effects that each gives.
marks on the floor edinburgh printmakers

This time I managed to see a couple of exhibitions at the Ingleby gallery and at the Royal Scottish academy. I really enjoyed the 'Mystics or rationalists' at the Ingleby gallery exhibition - this made excellent use of the existing space within the building. I found it was a really stimulating mixture of artists and their work, lots to think about as well as physically engage with.
I also enjoyed the RSA exhibition, Residency: 11  which showed work done at various residencies around scotland, the variety is great.

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