Wednesday, 29 February 2012

assessing the prints

Back on Skye I have had time to assess the prints, looking at all the work that I have done;
some, like this direct print of the bog moss, I had originally thought didn't work, now it think there is some potential.

Some work involved printing on glass, these are old glass shelves from a shop display, I printed five different drawings of different sphagna onto different size glass sections, using peat only - the results are even more subtle than I had expected, which I like as it expresses something about this plant - you need to look to notice it

Some prints which I thought would work just didn't - like this one using inks I wanted to balance the block of colour with the delicate drawings of different plants, but the whole composition doesn't hold together - subtle changes in printing, the lines being a bit thinner (than the photocopies I was using to imagine it) the colours being very slightly different - ......